Comment: An EXCELLENT article

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An EXCELLENT article

that really spells out the whole mess. It makes you wonder what on earth are the police really thinking about all this. I mean, they MUST BE TALKING in their squad cars with each other about the ridiculous, extremes the FEDS are making them do such acts, when like you said, a simple detective or 2 could easily have made an arrest, but noooo, they wanted to make a big splash about it and end up SCARING THE ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOOD, what, to make Kokesh look like he's a serial killer of 100 people? Brother.

I've thought it would be nice if EDWARD SNOWDEN had that "kill list" of all the American names on it.

THAT would finally PROVE the targeting of political enemies in the most heinous way! There would be outrage galore over that from all the people listed! Oh, how I wish.