Comment: Brother Michael yes and yes.

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Brother Michael yes and yes.

I am at this time free. I may be facing charges in the future. And life as I know it is upside down. With your and all of the love and support of DP I must now fashion a new life arrangement. I hope in coming weeks and months to return stronger and better and if free I'll be able to offer updates. As Kokesh and others have and will continue to be subject to the punitive powers of state I hope to have the opportunity to relend this support and somehow not only keep us together but to strengthen us in our mission. Or respective missions.

Not much else to add to that for now but when things resolve, man do I have some great story telling material. Amazing how well you can get to know people when you are locked up in a cell with them.

Yeah final note actually, brother, people, so many people in that jail and others? They are sorely lacking for people like us.

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