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Yes, congress is my friend and Obama is my friend because I do not believe that what is happening is done with malichious entent against me.

I was and am very dissappointed what I read about Ron Paul. In a way, I can't belive it. To me, Bill Clinton was a Neoliberal. Hillary Cliton is a Neoliberal.. Ron Paul I thought was a conservative.. but now, today, wiki has taught me otherwise.. and I agree with you.. I need to get a grip, because what I thought was, is not.

Ron can not say what he said about Israel and expect anyone who loves Israel to not think he even likes Israel.

Has he been to Israel?

The thought crossed my mind that the Neoliberal wiki has been changed recently.. that's not what I recalled from the past.. so this would explain why Rove called Justin a Liberal.. and if Justin is a Neoliberal, like Ron.. then he is a Liberal, he is not a conservative. How do you think he is?

I just checked the wiki history history is being rewritten, April, may, june.. all the articles are changing

neoliberal definations have all been re-written may, june , july

Same for conservative

there's a war for ideas on.