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For the most part I saw it as

For the most part I saw it as a story of a police officer who knew how to not step beyond his task, his job description. Certainly the story would not have suffered much from being concluded before the officer shook hands and mentioned the "beat-down" thing, but when you think about it beyond the officer's apparent endorsement of the wrestler's [OMG!] violent act, it indirectly shows that the police officer had restrained himself successfully for quite some time.

Whether or not the sniffer serves the wrestler with assault charges is a separate issue. Sure, perhaps the wrestler could have handled things differently [I certainly would have], but hey, so could the sniffer have handled things differently. If the sniffer feels he was unduly violated, he can argue that in court.

It is not the job of a police officer to indiscriminately intervene into the affairs of individuals.