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dwalters unfortunately it

dwalters unfortunately it looks like you're gonna get the worst of both sides on this one. i can already see the anarchotwits attacking your shameful compromise, lol.


i like your idea, opt in/opt out. i've thought about it before as well. but you're only making half the case, opting out of taxes / irksome laws.

you didn't mention foregoing all of the benefits and protections!

those who opt out should be known by everyone somehow, "this individual has opted out, and will not be protected by the law. his property, his person, his welfare, are for him alone to defend. do whatever you want, he is outside the law"

if you're driving along and end up wrapped around your steering column, no helicopter will airlift you to emergency.

if a bunch of people attack and rob you, others will have to voluntarily come to your defense. there will be no legal response, no prosecution of any participants in the attack.

anyone defending you would risk legal liability for assaulting others acting legally by robbing and beating you.

if you truly want out of the system of coercion and taxation, that means you also forfeit its benefits.