Comment: Libertarianism is Anarchy

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Libertarianism is Anarchy

So maybe you should do some reading or watch some videos because you obviously don't understand that Libertarianism is anarchy (although there are different forms of Libertarianism). There's the Milton Friedman Minarchist form of Libertarianism and then there is pure Libertarianism advocated by Rothbard and David Friedman (Milton's son). There's also other forms in between.


If you actually follow the two main points of Libertarianism...

1) Non-aggression Principle
2) Private Property Rights

... you can't have a government because it is based off of theft (taxation) and coercion.

So, it is you who are wrong and need to admit that you are a statist/socialist that believes that the state owns you and your property, and can therefore, intervene in a voluntary transaction between you and another consenting individual.

~ Peace Love Revolution ~