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The way I see it

The guy told everyone in America that their worst possible fears were confirmed when it came to surveillance. Maybe the surveillance is a result of paranoia from 9/11, maybe its a major power grab, maybe it is an attempt to stop a nuke, and maybe it is ALL of those things. But the bottom line is that if he is killed, what has been said by Greenwald, if you do your homework, is that he has precise information about physical (i.e. human) assets working covertly. His untimely death would mean that info is released to the public. I don't think there is going to be some bombshell revelation. We already got hit with it. People are just too asleep and busy with their daily lives to give a damn about the 4th amendment.

What Snowden has done is allowed the issue the chance to be adjudicated by the Supreme Court, which is what should happen when there is a Constitutional crisis. Anyone who denies this is living in a fantasy land themselves: the ACLU and EFF are bringing it to the SCOTUS.

What an honest administration would do is grant this guy immunity and let him testify before Congress so we can get this on Congressional record and amend the FISA law or abolish it altogether and use such technology on an emergency type of basis. That's my view. The technology exists, I mean DARPA posts videos of cyborg robots that they are building for god sakes. If you ask me, a lot of this is just wasteful.

America has done just fine for 200 years without some crazy program designed to monitor what everyone is doing. Any other revelations from Snowden are the threat of an insurance policy of sorts in case they try to kill him like they did Ellsberg.

As far as turning himself in, well, the guy would be slammed. Is it a crime to reveal a potentially, major larger crime? The issue of Constitutionality trumps legality and we will see that play out if the Supreme Court is brave enough to hear the cases coming down the pipe.

As far as Snowden really being stuck in the transit zone - I had my doubts that this was true - but the fact that he is - just mind boggling. Let the guy go live his life he already told us we're screwed. Its obvious he hasnt leaked any secret info to the Chinese or Russians hes too much of a patriot/nationalist to do that. Just let him go live in a log cabin somewhere and deal with the real issue at hand IMO.