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I totally get that

And can totally feel the impact, just from that short comment. Wow.

That reminds me of this one song I remember hearing for the first time: Norah Jones's "Don't Know Why (You Didn't Call)."

The first time I heard it I was with a girl I kind of liked. It was our first date, on kind of an overcast Sunday afternoon. She had a blue Mazda Miata and we had the top down. She was driving me back home, and this song came on the radio, and it was like, "Whoa! What is this?" I turned up the volume, and we drove down the street under the canopy of trees, and I was so present.

So languid. So melancholy. Like her, and the day we spent together.

Nothing ever came of the relationship, and honestly, if it weren't for this song, I would barely remember her. That was the only date we ever went on.

My heart is drenched in wine
But you'll be on my mind

And she will be. Every time I hear that song.

Funny how you can relive an entire era in just a 3 minute song.

The mysteries of the brain and the heart never cease.

Thank you for sharing that.

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.
- Alan Watts