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And so it should be

To have "100% security" you have to have 0% privacy, and that means anything and everything going on in an individuals life, not just limited to the internet, but by far, that is the biggest violation, in regards to its effectiveness

You cant stop random acts of violence or "terrorism" unless the plan is to completely and utterly monitor EVERYSINGLE individual, in EVERYTHING they "kidnap", "educate", force, threat or TRAIN, people how to act......that will be the result of the "security" mentality, which people have rightly said, that is not a free society

I think you can have a certain level of security, but i dint think for one second that it cant be made to COMPLIMENT, i believe those that dont, are just power hungery in the tools that they believe they can create, blinded by them, eager for them, sooooo much, that they'll do ANYTHING to realise these tools

In my opinion, this is not a bloody movie, its real life, and nobody should have that kind of power, especially so, if you understand its just a tool, but one so new, so expansive, so extraordinary, that depending on who has control of it, one that, yes, could be used for great good, AND great "evil"

Going by HISTORY, the people should be tearing down the systems with their own two hands, just to make SURE