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Difference of perception here

The most disgusting thing Zimmerman said was that if he could go back in time and change things, he wouldn't change anything.

Well, maybe that's irrelevant because IF Zimmerman AND Martin could go back in time, MAYBE Martin would not go for the option of putting himself on top of Zimmerman to hit the latter's head on a hard surface repeatedly, and thus MAYBE the same Martin would not have had the pretty bad surprise of getting himself a bullet in the chest from the gun of the guy the head of whom he was pounding...

And what I find disgusting is also not quite the same thing:

it's that in America, in 2013, Zimmerman's attorney had to put himself as low as to make this statement, whether it is true or not:

Mark O'Mara -- the co-attorney for the neighborhood watch volunteer who was charged and then later acquitted Saturday night in the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin -- spoke at a news conference following the jury's verdict.

"I think that things would have been different if George Zimmerman was black for this reason. He never would have been charged with a crime," he said.

I mean... Woa.

This, to me, shows HOW BACK IN TIME this country has gone, regarding her stand on principles and long fought battles for her people's INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS.

But hey, thanks for your past efforts, MLK, maybe we'll reconsider them some day.

For now, it's still black vs. white vs. yellow vs. red vs. homos vs. heteros vs. atheists vs. christians vs. muslims vs. rich vs. poor vs. etc.

Ahhh... Bread and Circuses, Divide and Conquer, Jars and Labels, ... the good old evergreen strategies!

Works every time!

How convenient, right, for dear daddy/boss/king ObaMARX and "Ms." Clinton, Mr. "veteran" McCain, et al's clique?

THEY HAVE A PLAN ! A plan to keep us all "safe" and to "protect us" from each other ! We just need to give up our privacy, our rights, our guns ! No biggie, as long as we've registered ourselves in the proper groups ! Wunderbar !

Yeah, right. We must be THAT stupid, it seems, for them.

Hmmm... And how about they go copulate with their own self?

For, turns out we can read and we have memory about "their idea":

Aw. Now, that's too bad.

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