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"Asked about the involvement

"Asked about the involvement of Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, both of which sent representatives to meet Snowden, Carney replied: "Those groups do important work. But Snowden is not a human rights activist or a dissident. He is accused of leaking classified information, has been charged with three felony counts, and should be returned to the United States, where he will be afforded full due process."

"Those groups do important work"

How can anybody trust a government as a whole, when you have individuals consistently lie, when their ACTIONS betray their WORDS.......if you do not know, neither have input on what your government does, then why the hell are YOU making that statement, no need for an answer, i know it, deniability, your "masters" putting you on under the bus so to speak, but hey, you must be getting something REALLY good for it,.......NO, oh, well im sure your just the exception......wait, so why the hell are you doing it, your country?! WHOSE COUNTRY!!!