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People may have their

People may have their arguments here and there, but not ONCE have they touched that place that has lead me here, that is my friend, my liberty, my hope, so strong and unexpected, i think it is where our drive, our conviction, our empathy,......i believe, that is our humanity.......i dont expect for one instance a smooth ride, indeed, its been anything but, all i know, all i feel, that part of me shines just as strong as i remember it, if not a little brighter, it warms my heart.......the only difference, is the given situation, and how each of us react to it, in the thoughts we have, the statements we make, and the actions we is all part of the journey, one that NO one can predict........that is freedom to me, ......whispers* that is liberty

Or, im just talking nonsense :), NOT in MY heart, but how others may take my musing, but, it doesnt matter, the heart wants what the heart wants, and i love her for it, i will give myself to her, gratefully