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Comment: I dont care what he said or when he said it

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I dont care what he said or when he said it

Actions speak louder than words. Your action to support a traitor is typical and the real problem in this country. Exactly why the Rothschild jewish zioinst mafia crime family has been able to take over the central bank and keep it going spewing out compounding false national debt to justify every immoral action. Exactly like the immoral action of Rand Paul to betray the voters, his father, his family, and his country. For what personal gain. Now he sits under the wing of that puppet mitch NEOCON IZUNREAL LOVER McConnel. Still the duped false debt slaves say well he anounced his betrayal in advance so hey its ok. Its not betrayal if you call it. Makes me vomit.

You call it 3 sided chess what a huge joke. I call it stupidity.