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Comment: That is a good article

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That is a good article

The fools have already thought out and planned every move, so fighting in the street will only serve their purpose of depopulation. As long as the invisible authority remains healthy there is no way to beat them. This effort should have taken place several decades ago.

They are the problem and they place the responsibility for what they do to us on our shoulders. It is their divide and conquer thing. They make our lives miserable and place the responsibility for that misery on our shoulders. They are so advanced now that they can go to the next level, that of "provocation". They are provoking us to defend ourselves.

But in all of this thinking and planning they aren't smart enough to stop it when the population is where they want it. It will continue and the fools will be fighting themselves because it is all they know.

The children using the worse cussing openly, the phrase "hanging out", sex out running our ability to keep it from our children. It is all part of their stupid agenda.