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UN intervention--at some point

I don't see why your comment was down-voted. Actually, UN intervention at some future point is what I expect to happen, too--to "save the day" and "restore order", or something like that. Perhaps after financial collapse, another large scale false flag event, deliberately stirred-up racial riots--just name the "event". But I believe UN intervention might be the eventual plan, in the not-too-distant future. We have to do what we can and all that we can to prevent such a thing from happening.

Now, the handling of "sensitive" information is nothing new. It has always leaked like a sieve. What concerns me is the standard by which a document is marked as "classified" or "sensitive". Truthfully, the things that Snowden has revealed (which have been hinted at for years), should have been revealed to the citizenry long ago by an honest and transparent government. Unfortunately, "honest and transparent" are quaint terms that do not in any way describe our government.

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