Comment: Where in the heck did you get your facts from?

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Where in the heck did you get your facts from?

First of all Zimmerman is not white, He is Hispanic, his grandmother is part black aka, is Obama really black when he is only a quarter black or are you judging people as is the lame stream media by skin color because Zimmerman is light skinned?

Second, Martin attacked Zimmerman while he was waiting for police. It's not against the law for Zimmerman to be in his own subdivision. Meanwhile it's 100% appropriate for Zimmerman to call police on Martin when he wasn't walking on the sidewalk and was walking between houses, and it's appropriate for a community watch representative to keep following a suspicious person for the police, the police actually say to do this.

We have a community watch in our subdivision, I am an elected member, what Zimmerman. did is exactly what we were told to do by law enforcement.

The only reason this was brought to trial was by pressure from a vocal part of the minority community like Rev Sharpton so he could grandstand.