Comment: I think you have made one correct assumption

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I think you have made one correct assumption

Zimmerman was in fact told not to follow him, and he may well have ignored that request, which is not a violation of any law. Not even stalking can be considered since stalking is the offense of repeatedly following someone who has made it clear they do not want your company. There were no marks on Travon's body other than his tats and a bullet wound lending to the story that Zimmerman did not touch him, so until the fight broke out neither had committed a crime.

If Zimmerman's intent was to kill Martin then he would not have gotten close enough to take a punch in the nose, or have his head pounded on. In firearms training people are taught that one of the worst things one can do is allow a criminal to acquire your firearm, as there is nothing worse then being murdered by your own gun. As soon as Zimmerman was on his back and getting beat, Martin had committed the crime of assault, and I am sure Zimmerman was convinced at that time that his intent was criminal activity (as any rational person being beaten by someone, and who was already suspect would assume) and Zimmerman's reaction was correct, lawful, and proper.

While it is certainly a tragedy that it happened at all, and even more so that it was politicized, I for one disagree with the notion that if Zimmerman was black, a property owner, concealed weapons permit holder, and chosen by the community to be a responsible neighborhood watch volunteer, that the roles would have been different.

Bottom line, if you are a scared 17 year old athlete as you portrait Martin, then you flee confrontation, yet Martin did not. We know he realized he was being followed by Zimmerman and was identified by him as a cracker it allows us to see his mindset at that time pre confrontation, and if he was afraid of confrontation he could have ran at that point, and from what was gathered at the trial, he chose violence over fleeing. This was his deadly mistake, and the reaction from Zimmerman was what people who carry are trained to do. My guess is that you are not a gun owner, certainly not a permit holder, and have never been through any type of training or instruction. Perhaps you even dislike firearms all together, yet you feel that your interpretation of things that happened is the only correct one, but like so many here, as well as the jury could clearly see that the proper response to assault and battery (if in fact his head was being slammed into concrete)is to protect and defend yourself against bodily harm where one could "reasonably fear for one's life" then deadly force is justified, and that was what was proven during this trial.

Always remember:
"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds." ~ Samuel Adams
If they hate us for our freedom, they must LOVE us now....

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