Comment: Sorry for the re-post but it's relevant here...

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Sorry for the re-post but it's relevant here...

The caption reads, "Royal Air Force, Farnborough (Hampshire, U.K.), 9 August 1944"

And here is the accompanying description;

"Three condensation trails (1,2,3) can be seen. They expand with time. The two older trails (1,2), probably made 25-30 minutes before the picture was taken, have assumed a fleecy aspect, while the most recent one (3), which is just being produced, merely looks like a white streak in the sky. Numerous cirrus clouds can also be seen: they may have developed out of contrails formed earlier.
A weak trough associated with a low near Iceland was passing over southern England. Rather humid and warm air, associated with a weak warm front at about 700 km distance was invading the higher layers of the troposphere from the NW."

Hey Archons', we are taking our planet back and there's nothing you can do about it!