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Complete Bullshit

That's not even close to self defense(see below) she threatened someone with a gun because she didn't like what he was doing or the things he said. She wasn't being attacked. George Zimmerman's head was being pounded into the concrete, completely different. 20 years is freaking ridiculous though, mandatory minimums are a travesty of justice.

Corey says she believes Alexander aimed the gun at the man and his two sons

He said it was Alexander, 31, who first began punching him after he confronted her about some text messages she had sent to her ex-husband.

Gray said he put his hands up in defense "buying time" for his two sons to gather their belongings so he could take them and leave. But when he made the remark that their newborn baby must be fathered by her ex-husband, he said she immediately stopped.

"She said, 'I got something for your — —,' and walked away," Gray said. "I knew exactly what she was going to do."

Gray said she went to the garage, to her truck, to get her gun and then returned back inside the home. He said the garage door that she claimed was inoperable worked for him earlier that morning and later that day with no trouble.

"When she came back inside, the first thing I saw was her putting one [a bullet] in the chamber," he said.

Gray said by the time his kids had come to his side to leave, she had the gun pointed at him.

"As soon as I took my eyes off Marissa, that's when I heard the gunshot," Gray said.

He said he never looked back, grabbing the children and running out of the house and down the street.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty."

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