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Comment: Well, we can just say... "Thank You, 'MOB-cracy."

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Well, we can just say... "Thank You, 'MOB-cracy."

All big governments are ugly.

It's just some are more horrendous than others, in this or that era.

We can say a big Thank You to:


"The more it changes, the more it stays the same."

It's only a 2,100 year old ongoing story, after all:

is it NOT?

Damn, that's a SERIOUSLY recurring phenomenon, if one asks me.

So much so that I beg to seriously question the VERY QUESTIONABLE idea (by now) that man is a thinking animal with ANY LONG TERM memory.

Thinking animal? May be...

ALSO with long term memory? Wait, NOT SO SURE!

Some years ago, I've stopped taking it for granted.

Either that or, alternatively:



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