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Comment: Wish I was a journalist

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Wish I was a journalist

Man, I wish I was a journalist there in that meeting so I could ask that lady "What should Mr. Snowden had done so he could be classified as a whistle-blower?" or "How did Mr. Snowden harm the U.S. by indicating he wants to apply for asylum in Russia?"
Let me this abuse to his superiors! Right?
So, we will never hear of him, he would just be another victim who died of mysterious circumstances.
You don't just say "hey guys, I've really enjoyed working for the CIA and NSA, but I want to report you guys, and do something else for a while".
They will pull the plug on your life if you try to walk away from participating in an illegal scheme, like PRIZM.
In the future...Mr. Snowden will speak to the U.N. on what he had to endure for standing up to the giant Corporate USA. Africa had its Mandella, America will have its Snowden.