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Comment: I bet some of it has to do

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I bet some of it has to do

I bet some of it has to do with where people get their news/info. Older people tend to find their news through traditional means, TV, Radio, Newspapers, and there is a clear bias against RP through those area's. If you are liberty leaning, but the people you trust for info tell you over and over that RP is a kook you might believe it. If there was an alternative opinion, if people were allowed to hear RP directly or someone was there to explain that, for example, rons not a racist he just believes in individual rights, most would agree but they are deprived of that explanation. Rand on the other hand gets more favorable opinions expressed through the traditional channels

Younger people tend to get their news through the internet and the internet does provide the alternative explanation. I bet if there was a stat of where they get their news Ron fans lean more heavily toward the internet than Rand fans.