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How about you enumerate

the "benefits and protections" you keep referring to, put a price on them, and if I want any ... I will call you.

Are you suggesting that if a member of your gang rapes, pillages, or plunders me against my consent that you offer a "benefit or protection" to prohibit any gang members from raping, pillaging, or plundering me?

Or are you suggesting you offer a service to leave people alone and if I am willing to pay you for a service to be left alone, I will be left alone?

My spidey sense keeps tingling whenever I think about paying your gang not to rape, pillage, or plunder me or paying your gang to leave me alone. Something about it doesn't intuitively feel right. I think its the clause where if I pay your gang and they don't leave me alone or rape, pillage, or plunder me they keep my money anyway.