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I think I would rather take my chances...

I didn't realize that hospitals provided a public service. Don't they send bills directly to the consumers or to the insurance company which represents them? Or, do hospitals send bills directly to the government?

In addition, not having government protection doesn't mean one has no protection. In such a market situation, one could likely find superior protection - if they wished to have it - for less than the government could provide it. Who would have ever thought that government is less efficient than the private sector 99% of the time?

Why should it be advertised that a person has chosen to opt out? It seems to me "club members" could simply carry a card, and when they wished to consume government services they would provide their "club membership number and identification." This seems much more civil than demagogueing against people that don't wish to have the services - those people who think it is over priced. That is akin to forcing the Jews to wear the Star of David. Are you really that much of a statist?

Finally, I keep hearing about all these murderers and thieves that will one day come out of the woodwork. I guess for now they have job security working for the government. In reality, how many murderers have you known? Of all the people you have met, how many are thieves?

I think I would take my chances, and the odds would be in my favor.