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i don't see. let's figure

i don't see.

let's figure this out together. what does ownership mean when we apply it to an object?

john owns this stereo. it means that he possesses it, but also that he has a rightful legal claim to it. he is it's owner. if bob comes along and takes it, john loses possession - but he does not lose legal ownership, because the law says he owns it. ownership is a concept of law. stealing is a violation of law. in absence of the law, it is just taking. ownership derives from the law, it is lawful possession. without the law, the stronger takes it and that is the end of it.

therefore, with the ACTUAL meaning of ownership, let's apply it to ones body.

one IS ones body, it is not something we can possess. whether we control it, or someone else uses force upon us to control our actions, can be likened to the example of the stereo.

in a state of nature, if john is weaker, bob can take possession of his person and freedom, just like the stereo. he can own john in all practical sense of the term, even though john still retains his inner thoughts and will.

only legal title bestows ownership. only law can confer meaning to ownership beyond possession.

therefore, law gives one rights. being human gives one no rights, as any slave can tell you.

you're making an OUGHT = IS confusion. don't, do, that.