Comment: Nope, not a mystery at all

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Nope, not a mystery at all

It happens all the time. I just don't know why people have to start with insults and name calling.

I think its funny when some of you guys or gals start posting about constitutional rights.

Trevon was being followed that night because he was walking home through a neighborhood he did not live in. Does he not have a constitutional right to walk down a street. Apparently Zimmerman didn't think so.

He never opened his skittles or watermelon tea. That was suspicious behavior. He was going to make lean. Never occurred to anyone he was going to wait till he got home to eat and drink it.

He was only four minutes from home and should have just kept walking instead of confronting the guy that was following him.

Maybe it was Trevon Martin that decided that night to stop and stand his ground and confront the creepy white guy that was following him for no reason. Like I said you only heard one side of the story, that was Zimmermans side. I just don't believe Zimmerman.

Just because a jury finds him not guilty does not mean he wasn't culpable for what happened that night. Trevon used his fists and Zimmerman used a gun. Zimmerman couldn't win with his fists so he shot him.