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Comment: Zimmerman was ABSOLUTELY GUILTY

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It is events like this that make some people so angry at our disgraceful "legal system" that they do dumb and immoral things like root for O.J. Simpson just for "balance".

But we are talking about a harmless, completely unarmed boy .. who was pursued and hunted down by a fat, dumb, white man for no valid reason and shot to death. The boy's screaming was heard before and during the murder (and not at any time Zimmermans).

This was not self-defense. It was murder in pure black and white.

The irrational act was probably simply triggered by nothing more than the fact that the boy had on a "hooded jacket" (which was just a pullover, and not anything ever gang related) ... guilt by mere association in the eyes of Zimmerman.

Yet one more reason why other Countries around the World must look at America and see the big fraud at every level. There is no justice, or rule of law to be found anywhere.