Comment: The Constitution has not "failed"

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The Constitution has not "failed"

One minor comment. The Constitution has not 'failed.' Men have failed. Men have failed "to keep" the republic that it established. Men have failed to educate their rising generation to the principle of liberty and why the principles enshrined in the Constitution need to be defended and preserved. Men have failed to be involved in their own government. Men have failed.

Though it is not a popular thing to say, we're not going to get any 'better' in this country until the rising generation is taught differently (or taught at all for that matter) -- minus state-run propaganda that destroys them and their jealous love of liberty.

I have forgotten completely about my "US Representative." She is a statist whore to begin with, but even if she was Ron Paul's intellectual off spring, she could do ANYTHING to solve our problem. I am concentrating on local local local with the highest emphasis on educating this rising generation. That is where we have failed and that is where we must solve the problem first. Until then, get prepared ......