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You clearly do not value philosophical inquiry. Block's writings are lost on you because philosophy is 'magic' nonsense. On the other hand, somehow you magically, on your own, assert a 'right to privacy' without any logical supporting argument. Ok. Whatever.

I've argued with people like you for many years. You want what you want. No supporting argument is needed, just a prima facie "This is right, that is wrong." Why? You have no philosophical basis, just indignation. In your mind, right action and wrong action are whatever you call them...and that is how your society is constructed...and everything is fine until one day Japanese or Jews are locked up in concentration camps and you ask 'how did things ever get this crazy.' You never examine your own unacknowledged philosophy as the possible source of the justification for murder and mayhem done in the name of 'the people,' or 'society.'

The only nonsense is to believe you can put together a free and just society with ad hoc political action. Won't happen. That's exactly how we got to this crazy place we are in today...wars, spying, welfare...all of it justified by the will of the people or the peoples representatives. Hope you like it. It's the society you are arguing for.