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Just what makes you think

you have the right to think anything unless of course you are on board with the opinion of the masses that have been commenting on my post.

I don't think Zimmerman deserved a beating because he profiled Martin.

What I think is that Zimmerman is not telling the whole truth and Trevon Martin is not alive to tell the other side.

I think that it is quite possible Trevon got sick of being followed by Zimmerman and decided to confront him. I think Zimmerman decided to ask Trevon who he was and what he was doing in his neighborhood. I think Trevon basically told him to fuck off. I think at some point it got physically and Trevon being the stronger got the better of him. I think fat boy Zimmerman was getting his ass kicked and he shot Trevon. Since Trevon did not survive the gunshot the only one talking was Zimmerman.
What keeps coming to mind is Trevon telling that girl he was being followed by a creepy cracker. Funny choice of words. What stands out is not the word cracker, but the word creepy. I am going to assume Trevon did not know who the hell Zimmerman was and why he was following him.

Now of course that moron Harry Reid is claiming they are going to sic the DOJ on Zimmerman after he has been found not guilty by a jury.

You see I really do not disagree with the jury's verdict. They heard the evidence and did not find enough to convict Zimmerman. I get it.

I just don't believe that Zimmerman told the truth or that he is not guilty of instigating this whole tragic incidence.

I really do think its a far stretch to say that he would have been beaten to death had he not shot Trevon. I also don't believe that Trevon was going for his gun.