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yeah, i don't appreciate

yeah, i don't appreciate philosophical inquiry. that's why i have mises' socialism, human action, theory and history, lucretius' de rare naturem, marcus aurelius' meditations, all of the works of f nietzsche, on my ipod at the moment. just as my current stock of books im going through, either for the first time or because i lsiten to them repeatedly over the years.

that's why i was reading plato and aristotle at 14 or 15.

that's why i'm rounding out the 11 voluimes of will durant's complete history of civilization up to the 19th century.

that's why i've read more of rothbard than you ever will, and determined, despite my austrian econ interest, that i disagree with his premises, conclusions and arguments.

you don't like my conclusions, so you sling mud.

take your nonsense elsewhere, buddeh