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Your almost right. Except you left out the part where

Trayvon sucker punched Zimmerman in the face starting the fight, knocked him down and started pounding him. Where is the evidence that it was a real fight? My understanding is that the only injuries to Martin were beaten up knuckles.

Which brings us back to may point that you must think Zimmerman deserved a beating for profiling.

I don't think Zimmerman was dumb enough to try to apprehend someone walking through the neighborhood. He had dealings with the cops before. He was neighborhood watch. He knew he couldn't apprehend someone.

The basis for your argument seems to be that "neighborhood watch" is illegitimate in and of itself. We are suppose to just cower in our homes and turn a blind eye, while the police show up 15 or 20 minutes after the fact.

A few months ago in our complex a woman was raped. I heard a woman scream. I'm not sure if it was the same incident or totally unrelated. I'm not sure if the scream I heard was real or play. But I do know that I though about going out and investigation. But i also though of Zimmerman and decided to keep my ass inside.

People don't care if Zimmerman is guilty or not. He is guilty of being too pale. He is guilty of beating beaten by the wrong colored perp.

If people are trying to improve their neighborhood and watch out for their neighbors, that is a good thing. People should respect that. People should understand that and not beat the hell out of them for it.