Comment: innocent until proven guilty

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innocent until proven guilty

You are making judgements based on assumptions.

The point is we don't know what happened and we won't ever know. Martin could have instigated it. If he had some creepy guy following him he might have confronted said creepy guy. It is unlikely Zimmerman set out to shoot Martin since he called the cops first but again we don't know.

It is totally irrelevant who was screaming in the audio since that has no bearing on who instigated the fight so I am not sure why so much emotion and effort was put into that detail. It *might* show who had upper hand at that moment in time but then again in heat of fight....not even sure of that.

So really we don't know who instigated it. It very well could be a lot of bad decisions were made by both of them and a tragic fight and death occurred. Either way it is tragic but I don't think you can convict someone without the evidence.

I can't believe people are in the streets over this. Why don't they get in the streets when a black guy is wrongly convicted?? That would be the time to make the point....not take it out on someone when you don't even know what happened, someone who could be innocent.

Why aren't people in the streets over the 50-80,000 people being tortured with solitary confinement? Why aren't they in the streets over the government spying on them? Why aren't they in the streets for all the whistleblowers being charged with crimes? Why aren't they in the streets over victimless crimes? Why aren't they in the streets just to reclaim the right to protest the government?