Comment: This Is Clockwork Orange Weird

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This Is Clockwork Orange Weird

In most of the world and history, people riot when a unifying event triggers pent up feelings. But in the era of EBTs and Obamaphones, what system do these people think they're fighting against. True, they have much to fight against, but not in a manner to provoke pure chaos over a propagandistic trial.

It seems that the violence has become trendy itself. That is, this isn't pent up suppressed manhood - it's nihilism. This has happened once before: Weimar Germany. Yes, they had suppressed manhood, but if you have read Leonard Peikoff's Ominous Parallels you'd understand that much of what led to Naziism was a pitifully nihilistic culture.

To destroy. Because you're bored. Because you worship raw power or chaos. This is luciferian, it is nihilistic, it's scary.