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Your claim...

That you can use my property without consent solely because you don't believe you are doing me harm is anti-NAP.


As far as IP. I am anti IP, however, I am also anti-theft, since that violates the NAP. And yes, believe it or not, your desire for piracy is a NAP violation, which I could explain to you, but if you are unable to get the very BASIC premise that I own my own body, then it is unlikely for you to understand that I own the fruits of my labor.

You are not promoting libertarian arguments. You are promoting the desire to do as you wish so long as you "believe it does no harm" without regard to the actual property owner.

Allowing someone to view the front of your house, and take pictures, does not mean that they have a license to enter your home and take photos of anything that they wish without your permission, but that is the EXACT argument that you make.

Btw, here's a tip, just because you either cannot counter or understand an argument does not make it a strawman... Shhh... Don't tell anyone or all communication at the DP would die immediately.

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