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I don't see where the

I don't see where the disagreement is - i said if he was a cop he wouldn't have been charged, and yes the establishment would've supported him - we may or may not have heard about it, though not much gets by us. This WAS blown out of proportion by the media and turned into a race issue - i said it's not about race. No matter who the defendant is it's always wrong to withhold evidence ESPECIALLY when someone's life is at stake. My issue is the man shouldn't have been running around with a gun following the kid in the first place - what if Martin was legally armed and shot Zimmerman for following him - he was lucky to only receive a beating. Neighborhood watches are not authorized to shadow people or conduct police activity at all - it's neighborhood WATCH. Their normal COA would be to notify authorities to suspicious behavior which, in itself, is ridiculous and creates a culture of distrust (see something say something)