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Besides protectionist tariffs, the US did not have socialist...

policies until the 1930's.

Suppose I have a friend that I've known for a long time that is an honest, hardworking person that comes by some hard times, and I'm not in a financial position to help him or her. Should I be able to forcibly take money from your paycheck to help my friend?

How is it that "what we have is just fine"? If "what we have is just fine" would you have supported Ron Paul?

I'll be the first to admit that IF the government would follow the Constitution, this place would be better off. The main purpose of the Constitution was to limit the government. Has it been limited? Or, did the Constitution fail to limit the government? What makes you think it will be any different in the future?

If you found yourself in a horror movie scenario where all your friends got brutally murdered during the plot but you were given an opportunity to rectify the situation through a time travel device, would you make all the same decisions that you made the first time? Or, would you make different decisions based upon your superior knowledge provided by hindsight?

The Constitution didn't work. Trying to change human nature to somehow create "eternal vigilance" will not work either. Subjecting our posterity to the rule of their grandfathers is not a solution either. Just like monarchical hereditary succession, our descendents should not be punished by our lack of foresight. The institution of government - as a state complex given a monopoly on force - will always lead to tyranny. It cannot be perfected.