Comment: right idea, wrong reasons,

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right idea, wrong reasons,

right idea, wrong reasons, not the offensive violence, but the right of people to amass peacefully

Edit: thats not quite right, not wrong reasons, wrong solutions......the ones ive been hearing anyway, sounds more like the people being used as a proxy for what the US government has been wanting todo, they make it sound good, and silence or slur those who see the "holes" in the plan.......these days, that would be our liberties that are thrown down those holes

All life is precious, and they'll use that fact against those who believe that, to accuse them of not caring for the life lost in this case, where if reports are right, neither side has the moral high ground

In my hard to digest opinion in this whole matter, i think i feel, that both sides have a point, and both sides at the same time are'nt willing to recognise their own "shortfalls", if we can each recognise that in ourselves openly admit it truthfully and honestly, in respect to one another, in an honest attempt to want a solution, to keep the peace, to not keep fighting, to just want everyone to get along, to be happy, to have a life, to not want anyone to go through life regretting the life they have.......sorry, my train of thought ends there