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Comment: His phone call with 911

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His phone call with 911

It was all on the phone.

Zimmerman got out of his car to see where Trayvon went, because they asked him: "Where did he go?"

They said, "We don't need you to follow him."

Zimmerman said, "Okay".

Later, in the middle of talking he was interrupted, then there was screaming.

Witnesses described a one-sided beat down of Zimmerman by Martin.

This whole story of Zimmerman tracking down Martin, relentlessly acting as the 'wannabe cop' is a phony narrative invented by the gun/race baiters. It's so prolific that peoples' psychology of what happened is linked to this version of events.

But the evidence shows that Zimmerman was just being a neighborhood watch guy. That's. All.

When teenagers have been breaking into houses all over your neighborhood, and you see one ducking in between houses, there's nothing illegal or improper about trying to investigate it and call the cops at the same time.