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yes, that must be

yes, that must be correct........i'd be very carefull calling folks COIN-whatever the spelling is, not everyone on the fence about rand is such a thing, and calling them so, may start people thinking YOU of what YOU see, if your heart is true, its not nice, is it

Im learning as i go along, and if i were to really think about the biggest reason for my fencing, it would have to be, the republican PARTY, as it is today........i cant describe the level of mistrust i have for those two single sorry to say that, for those who believe they can change them, but that is how i feel about it, for as long as rand stays a republican as they are today, i believe so will a level of mistrust, not particularly for rand to do bad things, although ive not yet ruled that out (not enough years have gone by) , but what he may be forced to comprimise on, how long before a comprimise crosses a line

I dont say these things to bash rand, i say these things to make pro randers realise that there ARE genuine reasons for at the very least being on the fence, and its not all about coinpro, although im not saying thats not going on, have no idea, because of my fencing position, i dont particularly pay to EVERY rand post, but i wouldnt be surprised, but again, being on the fence, i can recognise that not ALL negativity towards rand is coinpro, implying it is will just piss people off, which could be seen a coinpro divide and conquer tactic, im not saying you are, have NO IDEA, if your not, and that kinda pissed you off, then id implore you to not accuse EVERY rand "basher" of coin pro, becuase now you may have had a taste of the reaction to being called coinpro

Im good with negativity towards me here, ive said my peace, not to add friction, just to add my perspective, i dont particularly grudge yours, just the implication you made

Peace and love, if you'll have it, if not, peace and love