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Im so very very sorry, you

Im so very very sorry, you said MANY rand bashers, not what i took to be ALL, although my thoughts still stand with those who believe ALL are, if that makes sense, it was said over something i mistook you saying, in that respect, yes, i would not be surprised to learn verifiably of coinpro against rand, if such a thing exists........i know its probably getting a little cliche, but, i wouldnt be surprised, (edit: especially so, as i realise ive used the term in the space of a few words, short memory much :) )given some responses on the internet, either that, or were talking about everyday citizens who believe government can do no wrong, or at least, the benefits in their eyes outweighing the bad, but in my eyes, i see them as willing enablers, misguided, but part of the problem none the less, it is them that give the governments their implied authority......and all i ask from them, is for them to speak up and critizise when critizism is needed......either government will be forced to listen, as it should, or these folks will finally see the real face of

To them i say, let the people represent the people, if you dont feel like you'd be able to articulate your thoughts, if that is one of your concerns, find someone who does, and let THEM, represent you, LET THE PEOPLE, REPRESENT, THE PEOPLE