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Comment: I heard about tmot running,

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I heard about tmot running,

I heard about tmot running, didnt know what to think about it, how would he transcend from youtube video to public speaker, but i gotta say, so far, im pleasantly surprised, a liiiitle bit rough around the edges, so to speak, but one of those, "wish the video was longer" moments, will be keeping my ears and eyes open for tmots progress methinks, want understand hes thought process, and how he communicates it, if he impresses me some more, think i might end up binging on some of his youtube videos, gauge him even more, i think i remember disagreing with him once a while ago on something, that i cant remember, but if i cant remember, then perhaps it was one of the minor, live and let live issues, perhaps......i guess that binging one day will shed a "flaslight" on it :)

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