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mr mike

My problem about the facts in this case are my main issue. I keep repeating this and over an over again, and I am attacked.

I don't think this was a race issue with Zimmerman. I think the jury made the right decision on the acquittal based on what they had to go on. I think that the prosecution had a political agenda. I don't think Zimmerman should have gone away for life. I think that the comment that asshole Harry Reid sending the DOJ after Zimmerman is outrageous.

No one was there when this physical altercation started. That is an absolute fact. All we have is Zimmermans side of it. I know Trevon was a smart ass, but I know he also had some strange guy following him.

What If Zimmerman attempted to detain Trevon till the cops got there? Something as simple as grabbing his arm could have been enough to trigger a physical response from Trevon Martin.

I have been attacked for having a different point of view and stating something that is without a doubt a fact. WE do not know if it went down the way Zimmerman said it did.

The fact that he was getting beaten is irrelevant to me if he is the one that started the fight. I would hope all you guys agree that in any fight there is usually a winner and a loser.

We don't know that Trevon would have beaten Zimmerman to death. His injuries sure as hell were not life threatening.

All I know is a kid that was walking through a neighborhood was targeted. The Police were called. Trevon was not slinking through back yards, he was walking on the street. His hoodie was up, it was raining. I don't really care how big he was, he was only 17 and now he is dead.

I know Trevon had a past, but so did Zimmerman.