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Comment: BILLMAHER3 is making his

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BILLMAHER3 is making his

BILLMAHER3 is making his straw man dance to the tune of "If I Only Had a Brain."

Under real market conditions--that is, if government was just another service--Block may be an adviser to someone in the business of government, but the actual rules people used would emerge from practical considerations and be shaped according to exactly what people would want.

By using Block, or any theory or theorist, to discount the idea of market forces taking over state functions, you create a straw man.

The defining feature of markets is constant adjustment to practical reality, i.e., available resources, newest technology, newest information, averages as far as customer preferences. In a real free market, practical considerations--how one can most efficiently use resources to attract the most customers--trump egghead theories every time. To pretend otherwise is to lie.

It's only under a state, Bill, that nebulous theories are the basis of universal law (see Keynesianism), because the people who run the state aren't accountable to their "customers."