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You feel the need.

But we will assume you're unwilling to do anything yourself about it.

So by all means take up your gun and go get some money from your neighbor to do it. If this is moral to do, do it. Don't pay someone to do your dirty work for you. That seems a bit like the act of a coward. Have the courage of your convictions.

If I see a crime against life, liberty, or property being committed I have the right to act. That causes me no moral distress. I see a rape, I'm gonna stop the rapist. There is no moral problem if I delegate this authority to you or someone else.

But if you wouldn't take money from your neighbor for some big idea you have, no matter how noble, then you're being doubly immoral by forcing me to pay the men to take the money from your neighbor, you, and me to fund your big plan.

Why so pusillanimous? If you feel this strongly, if you think you have this moral authority, take up your own gun.