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A Neo-Liberal

Back in the 1980s when Bill Clinton became president, I recall the term Neo-Liberal.. a neo liberal was one who abandoned the Liberal ideas of JF Kennedy, who stood for America's sovreignity. A Neoliberal rather sought to unite with liberals globally.. NEO, was for New A New World Order, where they could control the world through the UN.

When "W" Bush Jr became president, a group of Neoliberals left the Democratic Party and joined the GOP and became the Neocons, Republicans who wanted to join with the Neo-Liberals and control the world throught the UN.

Ron Paul called himself a conservative.

In the past three months, the definations of what is a Neoliberal has changed. The links with Bill Clinton either will not open, or he is eliminated, or he is made in association, but Bill Clinton is not a Neoliberal. He is called a Liberal (the sites labling him as a Neoliberal won't open).

If you look on the wiki link, you will see Ron Paul and the Austrian School/Chicago school of economics as being the Neo-Liberal HOME BASE.

So, today, Ron Paul is NOT a conservative, nor is he promoting conservatives views. Ron Paul is a NEO-LIBERAL.

You will also notice Britton/England all over the political map, as if the USA is not a sovreign nation, but a colony of the UK.

If you look at the history of the wiki link, you will see, all this has been edited/ changed within the past three months.

In a way it is like a book burning.

Today, I am sure, that there are those gleaning the web for political reference and eliminating anything that would give anyone the idea that what those of us who believed Neoliberal was Bill Clinton and a global government do not exist.

So.. today, Ron Paul is not a conservative. go to the wiki conservative, and you will not find Ron Paul. You will find Brittish/English history.. not American.

Economics is now key to what your political position is, not phiilosophy. Libertarians, you will see, are Neo-Liberals, and Noam Chomsky is a Libertarian, not Ron Paul.

That's wiki.. and some here say.. well, forget wiki. OK

So where do we go to find a nuetral ground to make a case or defend a case?

Where does Ron Paul go to say.. "I am a conservative, not a NeoLiberal"?

I don't know. If I thought Ron Paul was a Neoliberal, I would have never supported him. So maybe I'm just now waking up?

I thought I knew a little about politics being an activist for decades.. but I'm finding out, I don't know what I am, what I'm doing here on DP, in the GOP.. I'm one of the most confused people I've ever known at this point.