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i. don't. care. first of all,

i. don't. care. first of all, the picking a part of someone's internet posts and just the overall vilification of Trayvon is sickening. it's all speculative, and contradicts all of the reports from his teachers and classmates. kids are kids and boys are boys, and i know i say a lot of shit on the internet that could be used against me to make me look like a rage-filled violent drug abuser, when i'm not. but REGARDLESS, it doesn't change the fact that Zimmerman (the grown man with the gun and some one in leadership position and the one who actually has been arrested for assault before) was directed to stay in his car and disobeyed that order! oh and side note, there was no blood on trayvon's hand. and even though trayvon was on top beating the shit out of good ole george, georgey was able to retrieve his gun from behind him and shoot him directly in the chest.