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Why would you assume?

Why assume my disposition?

I don't understand that.

To me, I have no idea what a person is feeling until that person identifies their mood, they say, "I am angry", or "I am sad" or whatever they are feeling.

I find that the net does not covey someone's mood well, so I do not take it upon myself and assume what another person is feeling.

If I care about them I ask with something like, "I FEEL, that you are bothered about something. Am I right? I care about you and want to know if I can help."

So to assume how one is feeling, is a kind of rape.. you do not care about how I feel, rather you assume for yourself and lable me according to your idea, as if your idea is somehow superior.

Knowing this, intrinsically, you can attempt to manipulate, especially if this is a person who you do not like.. "Why are you so angry" (you should be angry you stupid POS I don't like you and neither does the majority LOL).

This said, allow me to tell you what I think about anger.

Anger is fuel. It's energy. As an energy, anger can be used constructively or destructively.

I choose to employ anger constructively, meaning that I take the energy and work to build.. for example, my activism. Rather than complaining about trash on the beach or blaming the people who put trash on the beach, I find that by picking up the trash on the beach, not only am I doing a service for my community by picking it up, but the energy I burn is also burning calories, so I feel better.

Some people do not have constructive ways to deplete their anger, and they store it until it ignites and they hurt others and themselves and why so many people fear anger, or rebuke anger, or act passivily agressive, "WHY ARE YOU SO ANGRY?" They point to others rather then themselves. Or, "What happened to you, you were once such a peacefull loving person and now you are calling Snowden, Snowjob, and I like Snowden and don't like what you are doing.. you WERE such a nice person before (when I agreed with you).

So instead of asking me why I am so angry, why not admit that you are angry and do something positive for yourself and your community rather than attack me in a passive aggressive way?

Truth be told, I am doing very well. Yesterday was my birthday. I was treated to a redwood hot tub soak for an hour and a half, and then a big party under the tent on the Mendocino Headlands with Jorma and treated to an awesome Japanese dinner at Taka's, soft shell crab, sushi, vegetable and shrimp tempura, miso, wakami, and more, and hand churned ice cream. I have dozens of birthday cards and gifts, and offered a great job (waiting for the call now when to show up, great pay).

God must LOVE me very much.

Things are going wonderful for me, and I hope they are for you too.