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You're beyond

You're beyond confused.

Feudalism was the seizure of land owned by residents by kings and granted to lords. They not only took the land, they then insisted the peasants couldn't run away. That's a system based on violation of property rights and violation of liberty. The exact opposite of your assertion. And it is certainly also collectivism. Kings and nobility have privileges qualitatively different from others.

Stop being confused. If you want to argue the flagpole example fine. But that was not your original topic and that was not what I was arguing for.

I'm saying you do not have the right to make anyone pay to protect your privacy fence, your typewriter, or your glock. That's socialism. You want to socialize this cost on your neighbor. You have rights but they are not to make anyone else pay in your pursuance of them.

Walter would call you a pinko, and he's right. Why so socialist?