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Comment: Yes you are correct.

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Yes you are correct.

I agree with you GUS818. Some Libertarians are showing their rather squalid true colours. It seems that their preference for natural law over statute law is rather superficial. I looked at S. Molyneux commentary. He repeatedly referred to statue law as justification. The whole thing just dripped with hypocrisy and mealy mouthed justification. The police who previously had just been agents of the state suddenly become the touchstone of justice and their actions unimpeachable. Condemnation of the war on drugs disappears and Martin becomes a drug used and possible pusher. All the usual clichés were rolled out.

Molyneux even said that use of the word stalking was wrong because it did not conform to the statute definition of stalking. A more thoughtful person would understand that the term is derived from hunting and exits independent of what might be in statute.

Martin had a right not to be bothered by anybody. He was being menaced by an armed man. There are plenty of people who feel threatened by you black men and even though they say they are not racist that is not the case that is exactly what they are.